Available from 8am until 11:30am

Demi pamplemousse / ½ grapefruit £1.50

“La tartine”: Toasted baguette, butter & jam £1.80

Croissant served with butter £1.60

Pain au chocolat £1.70

Mixed mini-pastry basket (pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, croissant) £1.80

Fromage blanc, strawberry jam £2.25

Cereal and milk £2.20

Slow cooked soft boiled egg, Guernsey butter “mouillettes” £1.80/each

Bacon and egg home-made roll £3.75

“La brouillade” scramble eggs (3 eggs) £4.80

Extra crispy bacon £1.50

Extra smoked salmon £2

Egg Benedict, home-made English muffin & hollandaise (2 eggs) £5.25

Extra crispy bacon £1.50

Extra smoked salmon £2

Extra fresh truffle £3

Extra Guernsey Lobster £12
(Subject to availability)

Open Omelette (3 eggs) £4.80

Extra gruyere cheese £0.75

Extra ham £1

Extra wild mushrooms £1.50

Croque Monsieur (toasted bread with ham & Béchamel sauce) £4.20

Croque Madame (toasted bread with ham & Béchamel sauce, topped with pan-fried egg) £5.20

Warm Ham and gooey cheese croissant £3.95

Charcuterie board (cured meat served with pickles and toasted bread) £5.50

Le jambon-beurre (Petit baguette sandwich filled with ham) £2.25

Le mixte jambon-fromage (Petit baguette sandwich filled with ham & cheese) £2.60


« Le panier français » £5.80

Hot Beverages

We offer our drinks with red, blue or soya milk. We also stock a range of flavoured syrup (caramel, irish cream, almond, chilli…)

Espresso £2.10

Double espresso £2.95

Black coffee £2.10

White coffee £2.35

Café Latte £2.45

Mocha £2.45

Macchiato £2.30

Cappuccino £2.40

Original Hot chocolate £2.30

White Hot Chocolate £ 2.30

Spiced Chai £2.40

Vanilla Chai £2.40

Warm coconut /choco £2.30

Tea £1.90
(English breakfast, cream Earl Gray, peppermint, Egyptian Chamomile, Jasmine Blossom Green, Zesty Lemon Rooibos, Delicious Berry)