Available from 5.00pm – 11.00pm

Monday – Saturday

Les Petites Assiettes

Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and tomato compote £3.45

Country rabbit terrine, toasted bread, black olives & pickles £4.25

Home made sesame bun, bourguignon meat and tomato concassée £4.90

“Petit” beef filet, portobello mushrooms, roquefort sauce or pepper sauce £8.30

Chicken lollipops scented with marrocan spices, taboulé and citrus vinaigrette £5.20

Baby squids, prawns and chorizo kebabs, Mediterranean vegetable tartlet, pesto £5.95

Croquettes of confit duck, pistachio crust, pea and mint purée £4.70

Marinated anchovies, potato salad £3.70

Bread base, crème frâiche, bacon and onions £3.50

Beef carpaccio, shaved parmesan, Roquefort or pepper £6.80

Seared scallops “à la plancha”, cauliflower cream and truffle oil £7.20

Dill salmon gradvalax, celeriac remoulade and horseradish cream £5.20

Baked snails in garlic and herbs butter £4.95

Aller-retour of marinated tuna rolled in sesame seeds, mango puree, wasabi £7.80

Ballotine of foie gras, poached pear and chocolate syrup £6.55

Pan-fried frog legs in parsley, lemon and garlic butter £4.50

Grilled bass fillet, artichokes barigoule £6.40

Smoked salmon , blinis, asparagus and crème fraiche £5.50

Caribbean spicy dumpling, tomato ceviche £5.70

Breaded camembert, chicory endives and orange marmalade £3.75

Le Comptoir

Home cooked French baguette filled with ham and Guernsey butter £2.85
(£2.60 to take away)

Home cooked French baguette filled with ham, gruyère cheese and Guernsey butter £3.20
(£2.90 to take away)

Home cooked French baguette filled with artisanal pork rillettes and pickled French gherkins £3.10
(£2.80 to take away)

Selection of cured meats served with pickles and toasted bread £9.95

Selection of 5 different fine cheeses £9.95

Selection of dry cured sausages (200grms) flavoured with herbs, hazelnuts, chillies or ceps to share around a drink… (subject to availability) £6.40 each

Marinated mixed olives to keep you going! £2.75

Fresh Oysters (6 oysters) £8.00

Les Desserts

Chocolate mousse £3.95

Crème brûlée in three ways £5.50

Warm upside down caramelized apple tart served with crème fraiche or vanilla ice cream £5.65

Vanilla and caramel cream £4.25

Selection of baby sweets £6.50 (5) £12.00 (10)